Master Series Clawed Sensation Play Rings 5pc XR Brands

Master Series Clawed Sensation Play Rings 5pc

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Dig into pleasure with this 5 piece Claw Ring set! The sturdy, stainless steel gives you long claws on one hand to scratch, caress, claw and stimulate your partner with! This set has adjustable rings for a comfortable and secure fit for anyone. The stainless steel is nickel-free for sensitive skin and also non-porous so it is easy to clean and can be exposed to any lubricant type. Have some fun with e-stim and combine it with a body adapter electrostimulation plate! Run your fingers over your lover and shock them with a single touch as your body becomes conductive and the current runs through you! These make perfect additions to any kinky scene and really add to sensation play!
  • Metal
  • Fun Sensation
  • Adjustable Bands