Big P Energy Deck Chronicle Books
Big P Energy Deck Chronicle Books

Big P Energy Deck

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Big Pussy Energy is a deck of cards providing daily rituals to help you fire up your fierce femme pussy power and inspire you to fully meet your passionate and inspired self. Just pull a card a day, follow the prompts and then...BOOM... Big Pussy Energy will pulse through your body.

Sexologist Vanessa Muradian helps you unleash the wild, unapologetically fierce and compassionate femme within. These rituals will allow you to tune into your body, connect with your desires, liberate yourself from fear and teach you how to be the most gently self-loving, loudest and proudest, authentic and self-confident human you can be. 

Including mantras, inspiring quotes, and embodiment prompts, Big Pussy Energy is a must-have deck of cards for women and femme exploring humans who are seeking empowerment, guidance for self-care and a whole lot of love and fun.